City Manager

The Augusta City Manager Susan Robertson was appointed by the City Council in October of 2021 and serves at their discretion. The City has a Council-Manager form of government, which combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a Council with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager.

Headshot - Susan Robertson - CopyPhoto: Provided by Robertson

The City Manager serves as the chief executive officer and purchasing agent of the city. For purposes of oversight and administration of and to access information at the Police and Fire Bureaus, the City Manager also serves as the Public Safety Director without additional compensation.

The powers and duties of the City manager are as follows:

  • Implements and executes all policies established by the City Council.
  • Keeps the Council advised on the general administration of city operations.
  • Appoints all department heads with the advice and consent of the City Council.
  • Exercises control over all departments and divisions created herein or that may hereafter be created.
  • Makes employee appointments and removals as provided in the charter.
  • Prepares and submits the annual budget and capital improvement program to the City Council.
  • Attends meetings of the City Council and recommends for adoption such measures as he may deem expedient.
  • Keeps the Council fully advised as to the business, financial condition and future needs of the City.
  • Performs other duties as may be prescribed by charter, required by the Council, or as may otherwise be required by law.
The Augusta Assistant City Manager Jared J. Mills was appointed in January 2022. 

28614140_20220125_JaredMills_3855-1643146192Photo: Joe Phelan/Kennebec Journal

Additionally, the City Manager's Office includes Director of Communications and Marketing Haley Gauvin, as well as Executive Assistant Loretta Lathe.

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Office Hours:  Monday to Friday 7:45AM to 4:30PM.


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