The Cushnoc Trading Post

Old Fort Western opens Saturday, May 28, 2022, for its 2022 Tour Season. 
This day is also the continuation of the “2022 The Year of the Fort” celebration and will highlight the Pilgrim Trading Post at Cushnoc.

Regular Fort Hours will be 10:00 am to 4:00 pm with ongoing tours of the Fort. In addition to Fort tours, there will be stations devoted to teaching about Pilgrim's presence on the Kennebec and the strategic significance of the location of Cushnoc in the history of the Kennebec River and Maine. From 10:00 am-3:00 pm Leon Cranmer, Retired Historic Archaeologist from Maine Historic Preservation Commission will be on hand to give a tour of the archaeological site. The footprint of the trading post will be staked out and artifacts will be available for viewing. Lee’s newly reprinted book, “Cushnoc: The History and Archaeology of Plymouth Colony Traders on the Kennebec” will be available for sale. Jonathon Yellowbear, living history historian will be here to give the 17th-century Abenaki perspective. Dr. Bruce Bourque, Emeritus Curator of Archaeology at the Maine State Museum, and Emeritus Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine will be on hand to discuss the current Merrymeeting Bay Pioneers Project Tracing the Lives of the Area’s First European Settlers. Old Fort Western Staff will talk about the History of Cushnoc and its importance to Fort Western; demonstrate trade among the Pilgrims and the Native Abenaki using reproduced items; and, discuss the reconstruction plans. At noon an Educator from Plimoth-Pawtuxet Museum will give a presentation on Colonial First Families followed at 1:00 pm with a presentation on 17th-century games. At 3:00 pm there will be an Official Ceremony launching the Cushnoc Trading Post Reconstruction Project. 

On Saturday, May 28th, the following books sold in the Old Fort Western gift shop will be discounted by 20% and all proceeds will go towards the Cushnoc reconstruction project. Adult book titles include: “Guide to Historic Plymouth,” James Baker; “Plymouth,” James Baker; “Plymouth,” Donna Curtin; “Plimouth Colony Cookbook,” Plymouth Antiquarian Society; and, “Cushnoc: The History and Archaeology of Plymouth Colony Traders on the Kennebec,” Leon Cranmer. Children's book titles include: “Mighty Mastiff of the Mayflower,” Peter Arenstam; “1621 Thanksgiving,” National Geographic; “The Story of the Pilgrims,” Newman D’Amico; “Pilgrim House Sticker Book”; and, “Tattered Sails,” Verla Kay.