Fort Western

2022 Proclaimed the Year of the Fort

Mayor David Rollins during his last City of Augusta Council meeting on December 16th proclaimed the following:

WHEREAS, Fort Western, of present-day Augusta, was built at the site of a 1628, Pilgrim trading post called Cushnoc; and

WHEREAS, Fort Western, became the site of a supply garrison to Fort Halifax of present-day Winslow from 1754 to 1766; and

WHEREAS, Fort Western, of present-day Augusta, then known to be part of Hallowell, was the site of the first store, called the S & W Howard Store, from 1767-1807; and

WHEREAS, Fort Western became the home of the Howards, Augusta's first prominent family and their
descendants, from 1767 to 1852; and

WHEREAS, Fort Western was later used as tenement housing and housed many residents from 1852 to 1920, many of whom worked in local mills; and

WHEREAS, in 1920 the Gannett family, descendants of the Howards, renovated the garrison, built reproduction blockhouses and watch boxes,and gave it back to the City in 1922 to be used as a museum; and

WHEREAS, Fort Western formerly opened its doors as a museum on July 4, 1922; and

WHEREAS, We all owe a substantial amount of recognition and gratitude to the people who have upheld and prospered at this site for the last 400 years, as history was being made and then remembered;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, David Rollins, Mayor of the City of Augusta, Maine proclaim the year 2022,
in the City of Augusta, be declared The Year of the Fort.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Seal of the City of Augusta this 16th day of December in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-one. Signed David M. Rollins