Howard Family Home

The Howard Family Home, 1767-1850s

Captain James Howard purchased the Fort lot and surrounding land in 1767 for 500 Dollars. William and Samuel Howard, Captain Howard's Sons, ran the S & W store and blacksmith shop out of the South end of the garrison. William Howard, and his family, lived in the north garrison. Samuel Howard, a sea captain, moved to Boston and stayed there until the 1780s when he moved back to the fort garrison. Upon his death in 1799, a probate inventory was conducted listing all items within the rooms of the garrison building. Since he and his brother William owned everything equally, the inventory listed everything and then split the value. Through listed items within each room, we gain insight into the use of each room. Also, in 1781, the blacksmith shop was removed from the south garrison, a new cellar was dug, and rooms were built to mirror the garrison's north end where William and his family lived. Captain Howard and his second wife, Susanna Cony, moved in 1782, and stayed there until the Captain died in 1787. The store was relocated to a new building just north of the north block house in 1784. 

At the time, Fort Western was located in what became Hallowell Township in Lincoln County. Augusta broke from Hallowell Township in 1797, and Kennebec County was established on February 20, 1799 from portions of Cumberland and Lincoln Counties.

William's and Samuel's descendants lived in the garrison until the 1850s. 

OFW inside dining room