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Come celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Old Fort Western Museum with us by visiting during our normal tour season or participating in one of the many events we have planned

Fort Western will reopen for tours on Saturday, May 28th for its 2022 Tour Season. Besides regular tours,  a series of special events have been planned that highlight the timeline of the Fort in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Fort Western Museum.

Scheduled Events are as follows

May 15, 2022
Martha Ballard’s World – Wife, Mother, Healer, Horticulturist

May 28, 2022
The Pilgrims at Cushnoc Trading Post Reconstruction Fundraiser

June 11, 2022
Four Forts, One Story Archaeological Tour

July 4, 2022
The Fourth at the Fort Declaration of Independence and Cannonade

August 20, 2022
The S & W Howard Store & Tavern, 18th Century Artisan Demonstrations
and Tavern Night Fundraiser.

Other events for the fall will be announced as soon as they are finalized.
Click on the plus sign after the "2022 The Year of the Fort" to the left and then click on individual event pages for more details

To preserve, protect and interpret the 1754
 National Historic Landmark
, Store, House and Tenement on the Kennebec River
in Maine's Capitol City.