Fun, Frivolity, and Libations at the S&W Howard Store

Eat, Drink and Be Merry in support of Fort Western’s Educational Programming

Come join us for an evening of Fun, Frivolity and Libations at the S & W Howard Store & Tavern
Please join us as we continue celebrating the Fort Western Museum’s 100th Anniversary


Rules of ye S & W Howard Tavern

No Thieves, Rogues, Fakirs or Tinkers

No Skulking Loafer or Fleabitten Tramps

Avast ye Scallywags

No slap and tickle ye wenches

No banging ye tankards on the tables

No cussing in front of ye wenches

No cockfighting

Grappling hooks, cutlasses, stinkpots and blunderbuss

 Be handed to ye taverner for safe keeping

Tavern Night Registration
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