Four Forts, One Story

Four Forts Press Release

Old Fort Western
The Maine Bicentennial Commission

Welcomes Archaeologists

Dr. Leith Smith (Fort Richmond)
Leon Cranmer (Fort Halifax)
Linda Novak (Fort Western)
Dr. James Leamon (Fort Shirley)


Four Forts One Story
Meet & Greet
1pm – 4pm
Saturday, August 7, 2021
Fort Western
Come meet Leith, Lee, Linda and Jim in person
here at Fort Western, Saturday the 7th.
Copies of Lee’s Book The History and Archaeology of Fort Halifax, Winslow, Maine (co-authored with Perleston Pert), Occasional Publications in Maine Archaeology (No. 17) are available in the Fort Western Gift Shop.
Be sure to watch the Companion Lectures from the Fort Western Website.  Follow the links from the Bicentennial Tab on the left

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