Bicentennial Lecture Series

Old Fort Western's Bicentennial Lecture Series
is now on line!

Lectures were filmed by CTV-7 and are available for viewing on CTV-7,

by clicking the link below or through social media such as Facebook.

Click here for viewing Lectures

Dr. Arthur Spiess
Maine Native Americans: An Archaeological Perspective
Covering 13,000 years of Native American History in Maine

Dr. Bruce Bourque and Fred Koerber
Merrymeeting Bay Pioneers Project: Tracing the Lives of
the Area's First European Settlers

Ken Hamilton
French Privateers Along the Maine Coast

Leon Cranmer
The 17th Century Trading Posts on the Kennebec

Michael Dekker
The French & Indian Wars in Maine

Dr. Leith Smith
The Archaeology of Fort Richmond

Leon Cranmer
The Archaeology of Fort Halifax

Linda Novak
How We Know What We Know: the Archaeology of Fort Western

David Cheever
Rummaging Through Maine's Familiar Civil War

Tom Desjardin
Benedict Arnold's March Through Maine

Fort Western is located in the homeland of the Wabanaki, the People of the Dawn.
We recognize and honor the Abenaki, Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy,
and Penobscot Nations and all of the Native communities
who have lived here for hundreds of generations
in what is known today as Maine.

These Lectures were funded in part by the Maine Bicentennial Commission