Dr. Arthur Spiess

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Maine Native Americans; and Archaeological Perspective Covering 13,000 Years of Native American History in Maine
by Dr. Arthur, Speiss

In the first of a series of lectures sponsored by Old Fort Western and the Maine Bicentennial Commission, Dr. Arthur Spiess presents an overview of the time prior to historical records. His talk, entitled “Maine Native Americans: An Archaeological Perspective Covering 13,000 years of Native American History in Maine” was filmed at Augusta City Hall by CTV-7 and can be viewed for free on CTV-7 and from the City of Augusta Website, Fort Western’s Website and Fort Western’s Facebook page.

Dr. Spiess, senior archaeologist for the Maine Historic Preservation Commission received a PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University in 1978. He has been employed by the Maine Historic Preservation Commission since that time as an archaeologist, most recently as Senior Archaeologist. He is responsible for identifying, and protecting significant archaeological sites and making nominations of sites to be included in the National Register of Historic Places. Spiess is a member of the Board of the Maine Archaeological Society and editor of Archaeology of Eastern North America.