2021-2022 School Program Brochure

Dear Educator:

Fort Western’s mission is to “preserve, protect and interpret this National Historic Landmark Fort, Store, House & Tenement.”  As Interpreters of the Fort we strive to educate the public as to the significance of Fort Western and its environs in Maine and American History.  Our programs take place in and around the 1754 garrison and outbuildings; and are designed to engage all the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.  We offer hands-on programming that immerses students of all ages in life as it was lived during the 18th century.  We use all the available resources, i.e. written documentation (letters, journals, account books, correspondence, etc.), material culture (Howard Family objects and furniture passed down and donated as well as archaeological collections of Fort Western, Fort Halifax and Fort Richmond) and oral history (stories passed down through time) to form a strong basis for historic interpretation.

Whether you are from a public or private school, homeschool, historical society, or library, our programs can be adapted to meet your needs.  If you have budgetary constraints or busing is an issue, many of our programs can be successfully delivered in the classroom. Come experience life in the 18th century at Old Fort Western!


Linda J. Novak, Director/Curator

Kindergarten to Grade 4 Brochure
Grade 4 and Up Brochure
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