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Solid Waste Disposal manages the Hatch Hill Solid Waste Disposal Facility that serves Augusta and eight surrounding communities with its landfill, transfer station and recycling program. Hatch Hill is located on Route 105 (So. Belfast Ave.) and is currently open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00AM to 4:00pm.  Our phone number is 207-626-2440.  Permits for use of the facility are available at Hatch Hill or the City Center in the Bureau of Treasury and Tax Collector.

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(Hatch Hill ONLY accepts wastes from these communities)



Single Sort Recycling Program. Here is the program in a nutshell....
There are now TWO large single stream recycling containers located in Augusta.

Public Works - 55 North Street, Augusta, ME 04330 open Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 4:00PM (no charge), extended hours on Wednesdays until 6:00PM.

Augusta and contracting communities (no charge)
    • Hatch Hill Landfill - 112 Hatch Hill Road - currently open Tuesday-Saturday 8am to 4pm
    • People are encouraged to use their own reusable containers to store their recyclables. A new recycling bin will not be provided.
    • ecomaine has provided informational material for us to hand out (including the do’s and don’ts for what can be recycled through their program and what cannot) and information is also located on the City’s web page and various city FB and Twitter sites.
    • Communities that use Hatch Hill for their solid waste disposal will have access to the container at Hatch Hill
Freecycle Augusta Web Link
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Unwanted Medications - Proper Disposal

This information has been supplied by The Prevention Center at Maine General Medical Center. Information for upcoming events will be updated as they become available.

The attached document (click the "Unwanted Medications - Proper Disposal" title above) tells you how to properly dispose of your unwanted medications.  There are also 2 video links below which may be of interest:

"Take as Directed" Medication Safety Video
"Save a Life" Overdose Prevention Video

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