Volunteer Program

The Volunteers in Police Service program which is more often than not referred to as the VIPS Program currently is made up of mostly interns; whose function is to aid in the daily task of police work.The main tasks of a VIPS member could include but it is not limited to Crossing guard, data analysis and studies, inventory and data entry, ride a-longs etc... The VIPS member will work closely with the administrative staff and Deputy Chief Jared Mills. The VIPS program has a mandatory of 8 hours per month that a member must commit to though a member can do more if he/she so chooses.

Ride - Alongs
The VIPS member may get the chance to ride as a passenger with an on duty police officer; the VIPS member will have the chance to observe first hand what the duties of a police officer are.        

The VIPS member will be working closely with all of the divisions within the department to complete tasks such as updating the sex offender registry, sitting in on community meetings to help solve problems, separate data from calls to help restructure the districts. The VIPS member will also be involved in receiving relevant training an officer could receive to help prepare for a potential job as well as strengthening a resume. All Duties are to be considered confidential unless otherwise specifically told differently.

The dress code for the VIPS member is consistent with the duty assignment and shall consist of a polo shirt with VIPS logo, VIPS Photo ID badge to be worn on lanyard around neck or clipped to VIPS polo shirt. The VIPS member must also wear dark colored pants or slacks, as well as black shoes or boots.

For more information:
Major Kevin D. Lully
Phone:  207-626-2370 x 3416

Volunteer Application  
VIPS Agreement