Organizational Chart


This section of the Department reflects the positions of the Chief, Deputy Chief and the Chief’s Administrative Assistant in the area of administration of the Police Department. Expenditures cover the personnel and material costs attributed to responsibilities and duties such as operational details, scheduling assignments, discipline, requisition, maintenance, planning, organizing, directing, formulating, and expending the budget. 

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for protecting the public from unlawful acts and public safety hazards. The Patrol Division is comprised of uniformed personnel assigned to provide around the clock patrol of the City, conduct investigations of all crimes and incidents reported to the police and prepare reports to serve as permanent records of such occurrences.  Incorporated within this division are the following:  Coordinating the maintenance of the vehicle fleet is an important function performed by this division. The Animal Control Officer’s duties include being a liaison between the area veterinarians and the Humane Society Shelter, handling dog licensing and enforcement of ordinances pertaining to animals and reptile rules, and regulations are a major service provided to the public.

Animal Control
Parking District

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division divided into two (2) bureaus.  The Bureau of Criminal Investigations is responsible for the in-depth investigation and apprehension of persons involved in major criminal activity and assists the Patrol Division in conducting lengthy follow-up or technical investigations, as well as the recovery of stolen property.  Detectives work in cooperation with area businesses, municipalities, courts, state agencies and other law enforcement agencies for the efficient clearance of crime in the community. There is a crime lab located within this bureau for basic processing of evidence. Another unit in our fleet is a mobile crime scene response vehicle that responds to all major crimes, which is basically a crime lab on wheels.  A detective is assigned as a resident agent with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency to investigate drug offences.  All undercover investigations and V.I.P protection assignments are normally coordinated by this bureau.  The Lieutenant and Detective Sergeant also function as the Department Internal Affairs Officers.  Sex offenders and juvenile offenders are processed by this bureau.  The School Resource Officers (SRO) and Community Resource Officer are assigned to this bureau.  This division also covers the costs for a secretary.  This bureau is responsible for a liaison for the Sexual Assault Center and the Child Advocacy Center as well as the Human Trafficking Task Force.  This bureau also assists with community outreach and community policing. 

The Bureau of Information Services provides support for the department.  The communications aspect of the bureau is responsible for the recording and processing of all requests for assistance throughout the Cities of Augusta and Hallowell in the form of Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services and dispatching of the same.  The records aspect of the bureau is responsible for the maintenance of the computer system, department records and property system, as well as the operational readiness of all officer and support equipment.  A uniformed officer is assigned to this bureau as the Court/Property Officer and also processes bad check complaints.  Nine full-time Dispatchers are assigned to the communication aspect of the bureau as well as one full-time and one part-time civilian clerk assigned to the records aspect of the bureau.  The bureau is responsible for providing dispatching services to Hallowell on a contractual basis for Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services. .  The Augusta Parking District is supervised by this bureau.  The three Parking Enforcement Officers are responsible for managing parking, issuing tickets, parking permits, control and collection, recording of parking fines, and use the “Denver Boot” in the areas of responsibility of the Parking District.  This bureau assists with community outreach and community policing.

Bureau of Criminal Investigations

School Resource Officers

Community Resource Officer

Bureau of Information Services