What are your office hours?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Can I get information pertaining to either State of Maine or Federal Income taxes from your office?

Why do I need to pay an excise tax?

What is the amount of excise tax that I will pay for a vehicle registration?

What are the excise tax mill rates?

On what types of vehicles is an excise tax due and when is it due?

Are there any other fees associated with registering a motor vehicle?

Do I have to go to a Motor Vehicle branch office to complete the registration process?

Can I have my proof of insurance card or other documents faxed to your office?

What if my car is not brand new? How can the manufactured suggested retail price be determined?

Where can I find the manufactured suggested retail price of a vehicle?

Where can I get information regarding the assessed value, exemptions, book and page, or the map and lot associated with my property?

When are my real estate taxes due?