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The City Clerk's Bureau provides the following services: marriage licenses, birth, death, and marriage certificates, hunting and fishing licenses and dog licenses. Enrollment and registration of voters, and the conduct of the elections are also managed by this office. Other administrative duties involve working closely with the City Council to prepare and maintain Council meeting agendas, minutes and orders.

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Dog Licenses
Vital Records - Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates

Access to birth, death and marriage records will now be limited to the person on the record, the person’s spouse, registered domestic partner, parent, guardian, descendant (child, grandchild) attorney or agent, certain other family members*, genealogists/agent, officiant, informant, or funeral establishment. Individuals requesting records will need to provide proof of their eligibility to obtain the record (proof of lineage, certificate of domestic partnership, marriage license, guardianship papers, notarized statement from family, etc.).

Persons requesting to purchase copies of vital records must complete a request form which declares their name and connection with the person who is listed on the record. Anyone purchasing a certified copy must show proof of identification: driver’s license, passport or other government issued picture identification card. If one of these is not available, the requestor will need to show two items from the following list: utility bills, bank statements car registration, copy of income tax return, personal check with address, a previously issued vital record, letter from government agency requesting vital record, Department of Corrections ID card, Social Security card, DD214, hospital birth worksheet, license/rental agreement, pay stub or W-2, voter registration card, Medicare/Mainecare insurance card, private or public school photo ID, college photo ID, employee photo ID, or a disability card from SSA. These identification requirements apply to both certified and non-certified copies of vital records.

*Other Family Members include grandparent, sibling, step-parent, step-child, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, mother-in-law, and father-in-law.

License Board Information

Birth & Death:
Photo ID and proof of lineage if not for yourself
Marriage Intentions:
Both parties need to be present. Please bring Photo ID. If either one has been married before the divorce decree with the seal will be needed. If you can print the
Marriage Intentions and fill out before coming in. DO NOT SIGN - must be signed in front of clerk.

Dog Registration:
Current rabies certificate and Spay/Neuter Certificate if applicable
Hunting & Fishing:
A valid Maine Driver’s license (or positive I.D. and an Affidavit of Residency) is required to purchase a Resident License. Big & Small Game Hunting Licenses require proof of a prior hunting license or a certificate of Hunter Safety. Non-Resident Licenses require positive I.D. For more information on licensing requirements, current costs, and regulations, go to . Licenses can be purchased on line at
Business Licenses:
Medical Marijuana
Food/Product Seller
Lunchmobile/Food Truck
Transient Seller
Taxi Driver
Taxi Operator
Coin Operated Machine
Special Amusement
Body Piercing
Automotive Graveyard/Junkyard
Bottle Club
Sole Proprieter/DBA
Going out of Business

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City Center Plaza
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Phone: (207) 626-2310
Fax: (207) 620-8127
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:45AM - 4:30PM
General inquiries:
City Clerk: Kelly Gooldrup
Deputy City Clerk: Alisha Ballard