Facilities Bureau

The purpose of the Facilities Bureau is to establish consistent, safe, and quality maintenance practices to and for the facilities and infrastructure systems overseen by us.

Our goal is to keep the facilities and systems in a good state of repair, maintain a healthy clean environment within the facilities in which to work, maintain fully functional systems, and establish quality maintenance programs to accomplish these tasks.

We continue to review existing contracts, establish new contracts for services and supplies, and work closely with the School Department, Civic Center, City Bureaus and Departments, and the Greater Augusta Utility District to accomplish these goals.

The Facilities  Bureau is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities’ Life Safety systems, heating/cooling mechanical systems, electrical equipment, plumbing systems, elevator equipment, emergency equipment, roof and structure, and general building maintenance, as well as the street lighting, traffic signal systems, and the traffic signal communication infrastructure throughout the city.

Contact Us:
Dan Mastrogiorgio
Facilities Manager

Gary Ford
Assistant Facilities Manager/Electrician

Edwin Farrell
Skilled Tradesman II

Matt Nazar
Director of Development Services

Facilities Bureau

The Facilities Bureau:

  • Oversees the maintenance and repair of the Lithgow Library, City Center, Police Department, Fire Departments, Buker Center.
  • Oversees the maintenance and repair of the traffic signals systems (35 intersections) throughout the City.
  • Oversees the repair, and installation of City owned street lights. works closely with CMP in coordinating repairs, new installations, and relocations of the approximately 2,200 leased street lights.
  • Coordinates and oversees the installation of necessary infrastructure (i.e.: conduit installations, fiber installations, lighting systems, and electrical installations, etc.) throughout the City.
  • Assists the Public Works Bureau and Parks and Cemeteries Bureau with maintenance and repairs to their buildings and systems.
  • Works closely with the school department in coordinating services.

The responsibility of this bureau includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Budget preparation and oversight
  • Preparation, implementation, coordination, and oversight of preventative maintenance (PM) programs   (roofs, elevators, mechanical/heating equipment, generator equipment, electrical and plumbing services, overhead door maintenance) for all city buildings
  • Oversee Capital Improvement Projects (ranging from $15,000 - $ 200,000)
  • Coordinate and oversee all repair work
  • Meet with contractors regarding PM work and necessary repair work
  • Prepare specifications for projects
  • Prepare request for proposals (RFP)
  • Oversee projects from start to finish
  • Respond to traffic signal problems
  • Respond to street light problems (ornamental or leased)
  • Work with all staff to implement cost saving measures
  • Oversee leased space agreements

Bureau staff
1- Bureau manager
5- Full-time custodial staff
3- half-time custodian

City Buildings
Augusta Police Department, 33 Union Street
28,000 square feet (18,770 sq ft used by PD, 9,230 sq ft leased) 
2 – ½ time custodians 
1st shift works 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
2nd shift works 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
1/4 of the total floor space is leased to two separate organizations

Augusta City Center, 16 Cony Street 
39,000 square feet
2- Full time custodians
1 – Custodian works 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm shift
1 – Custodian works 11:00 pm - 7:00 am shift

Buker Center, 22 Armory Street
40,000 square feet
37,000 sq ft used Recreation Bureau
3,000 sq ft leased to separate non-profits entities
1 – Full time custodian (9:00 pm – 5:30 am)

Fire Department buildings 
20,000 square feet (total)
No custodial staff (cleaned by fire department staff)

  • D.P. Wells Fire Station
  • Hartford Fire Station
  • North Station #3
  • Western Avenue Fire Station

Lithgow Library 
35,000 square feet
2 – Full time custodian 
Custodian works 7:00 pm – 3:30 am

Traffic Signals / Ornamental Lights / Street Lights

Traffic signals

  • 35 - Fully signalized intersections
  • 1 - red/yellow flash only intersections
  • 23 – Locations with full video detection systems (Western Ave, Civic Center Drive, State Street, Capitol Street, Union Street, Water Street, Willow Street. Stone Street)
  • 30 – Intersections that have emergency vehicle pre-emption equipment]
  • Approximately 9 miles of City maintained fiber optic cable used to connect signals to sever at City Center

Ornamental Street lights (city owned) 
There are approximately 17 locations where various ornamental and pole lights exist. There are approximately 8 different heights and styles of poles, 6 different styles of lights, and 9 different wattages and types of bulbs. 

Bangor Street                              23 poles with single light
Cony Street                                   4 poles with single light
Water Street (North)                   28 poles with double lights
Water Street (South)                   36 poles with double lights
Canal Street                                15 poles with single light
Winthrop Street                            3 poles with double lights
Father Curran Bridge                    7 poles with single lights
Memorial Bridge                        21 poles with single lights
Memorial Drive                            8 poles with single lights
Capitol Street (lower)                 10 poles with double lights
Capitol Street (upper)                   8 poles with single lights
Union Street                               16 poles with double lights
Balsam Drive                             15 poles with single lights
Western Avenue                        12 poles with single lights
Cony Village                               9 poles with single lights
Police Dept. parking lot              6 poles with single lights

Street lights leased from CMP
There are approximately 2200 street lights and associated apparatus that the City leases from CMP for general street lighting and specific area lighting. This bureau coordinates all requests for repairs, equipment upgrades, new installation, and removals with CMP.