Neighborhood Revitalization

We're focusing on vibrant neighborhoods.

Augusta has five distinct residential areas, each with their own unique characteristics.

There's the 'west side', a historic in-town neighborhood with charming, picturesque homes and all the conveniences nearby. Just to the south are attractive residential streets surrounding the history, beauty and excitement of the State Capital complex.

Across the beautiful Kennebec River is the 'east side', another convenient in-town neighborhood with quiet, tree-lined streets, homes of all types, and easy proximity to a regional medical center.

And to the north are the rolling farmlands and rural serenity - all just minutes from town - of northeast Augusta.

Those same qualities can be found in the vast northwest quadrant of the city, offering easy access to a bustling retail center while stretching southward to include long-established in-town neighborhoods rich in the tradition and heritage of Augusta.

City officials and the OECD staff value these neighborhoods, and we're investing in them. We're striving to preserve the special qualities of our community, and revitalize the areas that need our help.

We're enhancing essential public facilities and infrastructure, like sidewalks, street lighting, sanitary and water systems, and landscaping. We're strengthening linkages to community assets like walking trails, city parks, neighborhood schools and playgrounds, and consumer goods and services. And we're encouraging and supporting the establishment of neighborhood associations, so that we can all work together in planning for the future of our neighborhoods and our city.

Imagine peering from the kitchen window of your newly renovated in-town home, watching as your kids safely pedal off to their neighborhood school or nearby playground. Later you'll leisurely stroll down the same well-maintained sidewalks, off to peruse the shelves of the local library or take in a mid-day workout at the YMCA.
This will be Augusta's future. Maybe it will be yours too.