US and State Roadways
Interstate Highway
Interstate 95
US Routes
US Route 202
US Route 201
Route 105
Route 17
Route 9
Route 104
Route 27

Distance in driving miles to the 5 nearest metro areas
Lewiston, ME   30 (west)
Portland, ME   57 (south)
Bangor, ME   76 (north)
Boston, MA   163 (south)
Providence, RI   330 (south)

Nearest General Aviation Airport
Name Augusta State Airport
Location Augusta, ME
No. of runways 2
Runway lengths 5000’ and 2703’
Instrument landing capabilities Category 1 instrument rating
Hours of operation Full service FBO open Monday through Saturday, 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Nearest Commercial Airports
Name Portland International Jetport
Bangor International Airport
Distance from community in miles Portland: 57 miles
Bangor: 76 miles
Passenger Carriers Portland: American Airlines, US Airways, 
Continental Airlines, United Express, Delta, Northwest

Bangor: Pan Am, Delta, American Eagle, US Airways Express
Air Cargo Carriers Portland: Airborne Express, FedEx
Bangor: Airborne Express, FedEx

Freight Railroads
Name(s) Springfield Terminal Railway 
Safe Handling Rail Co.
Type Springfield – Class II (regional)
Safe Handling – Class III (short line)
Closest Major Switching Yard Springfield – Waterville (20 miles)
Safe Handling – Brunswick (30 miles)
For more information on rail freight in Maine, contact the Maine Department of Transportation.

Nearest Ports
Nearest ports The Port of Portland
The Port of Searsport
Miles from area Portland – 57 miles via I-95
Searsport – 30 miles via SR 3

Water District
Name of provider Greater Augusta Utility District
Major source Carleton Pond
Treatment plant Conventional water filtration
Rated Capacity (mgd) 5.1 mgd
Average Daily Demand (mgd) 2.184 mgd (2001 avg.)
Peak Demand (mgd) 3.70 mgd (2001 avg.)
Chemical breakdown of water See Consumer Confidence Report
Cost per 1000 gallons Raw water cost for 1000 gal. Is $3.86. Minimum meter charge is $42.70/qtr. for a 5/8” meter and includes the first 300 cubic feet of water (2,444 gallons)
Water Connection Fee Minimum fee of $35.00 to set water meter (if service line is already installed). Cost of water meter and MXU radio transmitter is $215.50
Brian Tarbuck, General Manager
12 Williams St.
Augusta, ME 04332-0436
Tel: 207-622-3701 Fax: 207-621-0360

Sanitary District
Name of provider Greater Augusta Utility District
Type of service Wastewater and storm water collection and treatment
Rated Capacity 7.95 mgd treatment plant
Average Daily Demand 4.5 mgd
Peak Demand 36 million gallon flow rate
Fee schedule $3.00 per 100 cubic feet (based on meter reading)$17.14/qtr. service charge
Storm water $10.32 per unit of impervious surface per qtr.
Connection fee: $5.00/gallon for one day of estimated use
Commercial permit fee: $75.00
Inspection fee: $50 to $100
Brian Tarbuck, General Manager
12 Williams St.
Augusta, ME 04332-0436
Tel: 207-622-3701 Fax: 207-621-0360

Electric Power
Electric Power Deregulated? Yes, on March 1, 2000
Energy Delivery Central Maine Power Co.
Energy Supply 40 licensed competitive suppliers

CMP Delivery prices
Standard Offer Supply Rates

Business Programs and Economic Development Incentives CMP Business Services
CMP Business Development

Natural Gas
Name of Providers 

Unitil, Inc.
Maine Natural Gas, L.L.C.
Summit Natural Gas of Maine
Type of commercial service Unitil, Inc.: transportation and sales
Maine Natural Gas: transportation-only
Rates Unitil,, Inc.rate info

Number of local service providers Verizon 1-800-941-9900
OTT Communications 207-992-9911
Number of long-distance AT&T 207-753-9301
Service providers Fairpoint Communications 866-984-2001
Sprint 1-866-275-1411
Interchange Carrier 
Points-of-Presence (POP)
AT&T (Augusta)
Switch technology Digital
Available Services: ISDN, Frame Relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Digital Centrex, Switched 56 kb Service, Packet Switching Service, Superpath 1.544 Mb Service, Voice Messaging,Class Services
Redundancy SONET OC48 Technology
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