Comprehensive Plan

The 2007 Comprehensive Plan was adopted unanimously by the Augusta City Council on January 7, 2008. The links below will take you to each of the three volumes of the Comprehensive Plan. The files are Adobe Acrobat files and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view and print the files. PLEASE NOTE: Each volume is a large file. Please be patient while loading, even with a large bandwidth Internet connection.

The City is working on completing a number of the recommendations of the Plan. A major undertaking is the re-writing of the city’s existing Land Use Ordinances. If you are interested in that project, or any other aspects of the Comprehensive Plan, please contact us. Feel free to communicate your views using the Citizen Comment Form or by contacting Matt Nazar, Director of Development Services.

Volume 1 is the Strategy.  It reflects the priority recommendations chosen from among the hundreds of ideas generated by the 11 subcommittees and the public. The recommendations in the volume were vetted, prioritized, and refined by the Steering Committee, and represent the most important changes Augusta must make for the future. The report has five sections:

(A) Vision provides a broad vision for Augusta’s future.

(B) Leading Ideas highlights the five areas around which the Plan focuses.

(C) Future Land Use describes and maps proposed future land uses.

(D) Implementation sets forth the implementation program.

(E) Aspirations and Dreams provides ideas that are not ripe for immediate action.

Volume 2, the Inventory, is a companion document. The Inventory describes the existing conditions and issues in the City, and a broad range of ideas and suggestions, with regard to the economy, housing, the environment, health and public safety. It was completed with the help of over 100 citizens working on eleven Comprehensive Plan subcommittees during 2006, with technical help from City staff and the Comprehensive Plan consultant.

Volume 3, Augusta Residents Speak, is a second companion document.  This volume presented in two sections, highlights the public’s contributions to this plan. Section A provides information on the public listening and workshop session conducted by the Comprehensive Plan Committee from 2006-2007. Section B provides the results of a scientific option survey of Augusta residents in November and December, 2006.