DaveRollins s (2)
Mayor David Rollins took office on November 6, 2014. Mr. Rollins is an Augusta native and was serving his second term as At-Large City Councilor prior to being elected Mayor.

The Mayor shall be recognized as the official head of the city. The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the council and shall perform such other duties not inconsistent with his office as the council may impose. The Mayor shall vote only when there is a tie vote of the Council. The Mayor shall appoint and the council confirm all members of the municipal boards and commissions, except the Mayor may exclusively appoint members to ad-hoc committees.

The Augusta City Council is composed of nine elected citizens, including the Mayor, who oversee all City government activities. No person shall serve as Mayor for more than three consecutive three-year terms. The City Council establishes the legislative policies of the City, adopts and amends ordinances and local laws as necessary for proper management of the City government, provides for the exercise of all powers of local government vested in the City by Charter or State law, appropriates municipal resources and sets the tax rate for the provision of public services, and appoints qualified persons to vacancies on City Boards and Commissions. The Council deals with legislative matters as a body and its policy decisions are implemented through the City Manager’s Office.

Augusta residents can request a Mayoral letter of proclamation to commemorate a significant event with importance to the residents and businesses of Augusta or to celebrate the 100th birthday of an Augusta resident.

The Mayor does not keep any regular office hours but can be reached through his e-mail address at david.rollins@augustamaine.gov.

City of Augusta
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