Greater Augusta Utility District

Legislative Document #1754 created the Greater Augusta Utility District (GAUD). The GAUD Board of Trustees consists of seven members and one non-voting representative each from the City of Augusta and City of Hallowell. Members serve three-year staggered terms.

Name                                           Address                                                                        Phone Number
Kenneth R. Knight (Chair)         31 Knight Road                                                            621-8347
Kristen Hebert                             30 High Street                                                              737-4092
Robert Corey                               88 Parkwood Drive                                                      623-0074
Cecil Munson                              760 Riverside Drive                                                     622-0225
Patrick Paradis                             219 Northern Avenue                                                  623-9482
Bradley Sawyer                           14 Sewall Street                                                           441-7963
Cary Colwell                                Hallowell Trustee                                                        621-0325
Keith Luke                                   City of Augusta Staff Appointee                                 626-2365
Charlotte Warren                         Hallowell Trustee                                                        441-9116
Greater Augusta Utility District General Manager:
Brian Tarbuck
For more information concerning the GAUD and/or the GAUD Board of Trustees you can visit thier website at: 
Monthly GAUD Board of Trustee meetings are live-streamed and can be viewed here: