Airport Advisory Committee

The Airport Advisory Committee is an eight-member committee serving three-year terms. All appointments shall be made by the Mayor, with input from the City Council. Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. View our meeting calendar for more details.

Address                                                    Phone #
Cecil E. Munson, Chair                760 Riverside Drive, Augusta, ME 04330                207-622-0225
Jeffrey M. Bilodeau                    524 West River Road, Augusta, ME 04330               207-623-9545
June Cumler                            960 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, ME 04330               207-415-8206
Gary R. Peachey                        24 Tallwood Road, Augusta, ME 04330                  207-621-0807
William Perry                          Maine Beechcraft, P.O. Box 2, Augusta, ME 04330      207-623-3928
David P. Smith                         37 Davenport Street, Augusta, ME 04330                 207-622-2507
Peter G. Thompson                    Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box E, Augusta, ME       207-623-4559
Dr. Paul R. Wade                      605 Western Avenue, Manchester, ME 04351              207-626-9397


John Guimond
Airport Manager