Commercial Street Now Closed to Parking and Through Traffic

Constructions Begins on Commercial Street in Augusta, Maine

Commercial Street in Augusta is now closed to through traffic and parking - both residential and business. This work is part of the long-term planning and commitment by the city to grow the downtown area, support residents and businesses, and promote economic development. Part one was to make Water Street a two-way street. Part two is to make major improvements to Commercial Street.

In addition to rebuilding and repaving Commercial Street, curb extensions will be added that will extend the crosswalks to improve space and safety for wheelchairs and pedestrians.

When construction is complete, pedestrians will enjoy wider sidewalks with detectable warning fields for wheelchairs and the visually impaired, a major improvement. These are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and greatly improve safety for both pedestrians and vehicles.

The streetscape will be enhanced by removing old shrubs and planting new trees. The new trees will improve air quality and enhance the appearance of the Commercial Street corridor. There will also be new energy-efficient pedestrian lighting to improve visibility and create safer walking conditions during dusk or evening hours.

This work - and the closure that it necessitates - will continue through late fall. Work will restart in spring and last through the project's completion, which will be significantly impacted by seasonal weather conditions. 

 If you have questions regarding the project contact Keith Luke at (207) 626-2336 or

Loading Zone added to Oak Street

Temporary Loading Zone Created at Oak Street

During construction on Commercial Street a temporary loading zone has been established at Oak Street. Restaurants and businesses should direct deliveries to this loading zone. Alternatives to the designated loading zone are after hour deliveries. Several local vendors including PFG and Pine State are aware of the change in the downtown traffic pattern. These vendors offer a key-drop service for unattended, late night and early morning deliveries on Water Street when traffic is not an issue.

Once construction has been completed there will be two downtown loading zones – one at Oak Street and another on the north end of Commercial Street.

Contact Keith Luke at (207) 626-2336 or with questions.

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CONSTRUCTION NEWS : The second phase of the improvements to downtown will be to Commercial St. that will enhance year-round travel conditions. Starting Thursday or Friday through fall, Commercial St. will be closed for the construction that will provide higher curbs and safer walking conditions for residents, pedestrians, local employees and visitors. Updates on these improvements will be posted here.

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About the Improvements to Downtown Augusta

 In August, the city of Augusta has started making improvements to the downtown area that will allow for easier access to the city’s businesses and restaurants. This work is part of the long-term planning and commitment by the city to grow the downtown area, supporting residents and businesses, and increase economic development.

 The first of two significant improvements to the downtown area is making Water Street a two-way street on August 19, 2019. This includes new pavement that will make travel easier and safer for vehicles and pedestrians. The plan also includes new loading zones in the downtown area, which will be added to make Water St. and the intersections more pedestrian friendly, new crosswalks and easier wheelchair access to the city sidewalks.

 The second phase of the improvements to downtown will enhance year-round travel conditions on Commercial Street. From late August through fall, the street will be closed for construction that will provide higher curbs and safer walking conditions for residents, local employees and visitors. Construction on Commercial Street will take place shortly after Water Street is made a two-way road again. The project was planned to be efficient and enable the normal volume of traffic to easily access downtown during the construction.

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The improvements on both Water Street and Commercial Street will also make parking easier and safer during the winter months by improving the conditions of the sidewalks and designated parking areas. One of the major improvements of the project in downtown Augusta is the improved lighting with specific pedestrian lights that will be installed to illuminate walkways and sidewalks. This is also part of the city of Augusta’s ongoing commitment to convert to more energy-efficient LED streetlights across the entire city, leading to more well-lit areas and lower energy costs.

The new loading zones on Oak Street and Commercial Street will help reduce traffic congestion on Water Street and lead to safer conditions for pedestrians and deliveries to local businesses and restaurants. Improved sidewalks for pedestrians Wheelchair access will be improved on both Water Street and Commercial Street by adding curb ramps and widening sidewalks.

 Substantial improvements include more visible and accessible crosswalks, as well as detectable warning plates for the visually impaired and wheelchair users. A curb bump-out on Commercial Street is planned and will improve safety for pedestrians and residents who live and work in the downtown area.

  The city of Augusta has decided to make Water Street a two-way street again for the first time since 1949. It was decided at that time to make it a one-way street when many people traveled to the local mill at Mill Park. Today, as more people are attracted to the new downtown area to work or shop, the area has become more popular and continues to thrive. The change to make it a two-way street is designed to increase and improve accessibility to Augusta’s businesses, restaurants, and apartments.

  Have Questions?

 The city of Augusta will also update the community about construction progress on its social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. For more information about the construction in downtown Augusta, call the Augusta Police Department at 620-8350, email


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If you have questions please contact or 207-620-8350.