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The Bureau of Parks  & Recreation is responsible for the maintenance and operation of 17 cemeteries covering 63 acres; 15 neighborhood parks, public grounds, city trees, green spaces, and flower beds comprising approximately 100 acres; and grounds and athletic fields at 5 school sites. The City Tree Warden is responsible for the protection and care of public trees. The Recreation Division provides a full array of programs and services for residents, guests and visitors of all ages and abilities.

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City Center Plaza
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Parks & Recreation Phone:

Director:  Bruce Chase (207) 626-2352 

Hours: M-F, 7:45am-4:30pm

Director: Bruce Chase - E-Mail:
Supervisor: Chris Blodgett  - E-Mail:
Superv isor/horticulturist: - E-Mail:

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Bond Brook Recreation - Check It OUT!! {7C7986EC-E793-465E-8178-41E2DFB54664}_Web
Be sure to check out our section on the Bond Brook Recreation and see what Augusta Trails and CeMeNEMBA are doing to make this park land an incredible playground for Nordic skiing, Mt. Biking, Hiking, Geocaching and a host of other great non-motorized opportunities.

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