Policies and Statement of Purpose

The Center is primarily a convention, exhibition and special, high impact facility owned and operated by the City of Augusta. The specific purpose is the promoting and facilitating of various events and group functions that will enhance area trade and commerce and help foster the image of the City as a high quality destination. Particular emphasis will be placed upon those bookings which generate hotel & motel room nights and related revenues for city business, thereby increasing economic stimuli for the local infrastructure.

Catering Services
Food and Beverage (including alcohol) on the premises are controlled exclusively by the Center. The exclusivity prohibits food and beverages from being brought into the building or the sale of food or beverage by vendors without the consent of the Center.

Rental Regulations

  • Rentals on Holidays may be subject to overtime rates.
  • Any signage on the premises must have the approval of the Center.
  • Any decorations inside or outside the facility must have the approval of the Center. The use of tape, pins, tacks, brads, etc. on walls, tables, doors, windows and drapery is prohibited.
  • Animals are prohibited in the facility unless to provide assistance to a disabled person or they are part of an event's attraction.
  • Bookings are generally made not more than eighteen (18) months in advance.
  • Clients are required to sign a contract and provide a deposit when applicable.

Deposits are non-refundable unless Center Director determines otherwise.