The Planning Board is a nine-member committee appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.
Members serve three-year terms.

 Name Term Expires
 Justin L. Poirier (Chair) 9/20/2018
 Corey A. Vose (Vice Chair) 1/17/2019
 Alison K.B. Nichols (Secretary) 6/20/2020
 Steve P. Dumont 10/6/2020
 Dorean Maines 3/15/2021
 Bill McKenna 6/20/2020
 A. Delaine Nye 12/17/2019
 Peter J. Pare 2/19/2020
 Robert Trask 2/5/2021

Application Review Process Brochure

Conditional Use Application
Development Review Application  (Includes Major, Minor and Amended)
Parcel Reclassification/Rezoning Application


Subdivision Review Application

2018 Planning Board Application Submission Deadlines

Betsy Poulin
Deputy City Planner
(207) 626-2365