The Planning Board is a nine-member committee appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.
Members serve three-year terms.

 Name Term Expires
 Alison K.B. Nichols (Chair) 6/20/2020
 Robert Trask (Vice Chair) 2/5/2021
 A. Delaine Nye (Secretary) 12/17/2019
 Bob Corey 9/20/2021
 Steve P. Dumont 10/6/2020
 Dorean Maines 3/15/2021
 Bill McKenna 6/20/2020
 Peter J. Pare 2/19/2020
 (vacant) 1/17/2019

Meetings are broadcast live on channel 1301. Archived recordings linked via the "Meeting Recordings" link on this page.

Application Review Process Brochure

Conditional Use Application
Development Review Application  (Includes Major, Minor and Amended)
Parcel Reclassification/Rezoning Application


Subdivision Review Application

2019 Planning Board Application Submission Deadlines

Betsy Poulin
Deputy City Planner
(207) 626-2365