Historic District Review Board

The Historic District Review Board is a seven-member committee appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Members serve three-year terms.

 Name  Term Expires 
 Daniel G. Stevens (Chair) 10/31/2019
 Cheryl D. Clukey (Vice Chair)      10/31/2019
 Robert W. Corey 10/31/2019
 Michael Hall 1/5/2020
 Lorie Mastemaker 10/31/2018
 Jesse Patkus 10/31/2018
 Amanda Taylor 10/31/2020

Meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm in the City Center.

The Code Enforcement Office has links to:
   Historic District Overlay Map (Effective May 6, 2017)
   Winthrop Street and Crosby Street Historic Districts Overlay Map (Effective November 5, 2017)
   Historic District Ordinance
   Augusta Historic Preservation Design Manual  (Adopted September 19, 2017)
   Historic Preservation Certificate Application
Betsy Poulin
Deputy City Planner
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